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So much to say...

...so little motivation to say it.

So I'm in after a night out, and pretty annoyed really. I get out after work, go to meet Craig, Amy and Sarah, the a couple of hours and a couple of drinks later they want to go home. So that was it, the night was just starting and off they pop.

So, good night? Not really, what there was of it was ok.
Jess has done her hair nice.
Craig and Amy really need some time apart to stop bickering.

And I need to go to bed, prolly D&D tomorrow, but I have no idea of the details. I have two bars of chocolate and no good reason to eat them, so some D&D would be good. I prefare the mince which I have to cook tomorrow, not sure what I am gonna do with it yet, I have tomatoes and peppers so prolly gonna pan fry it with them and see what I get. Throw in some mushrooms add some pasta and some sort of spaggy bolly production should occur.

Work was ok this week, Julie is on holiday and we all wish she could have more of them.

The harem is wierd atm, too many sixteen year olds. They are just young and freeky, I cant help but think "just f**king grow up" every time I look at them, so not really enjoying that. Jane is still pissed at me after I had to tell her what to to do whilst running, but thats my job so I can't really do much about that.

Katie also did her hair nice, perhaps I should go get mine done, everyone else seems to be.

Paul is procrastinating about coming up again, used to bother me, but doesnt really any more. When I counted on him as reliable, it did, but since he has proved that certain items of chocolate furnature are more reliable, its stopped bothering me, its just the change that causes me problems.
Never do too well with change. Shame really, I am really quite adventurous at heart.

Well enough for now, I should to bed.
Shame about this evening, shame about alot of things.
hence the lack of updates, far, far too depressing :-)

Good night folks.
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