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A World Away...

Hey folks...

Been a while since I checked in here, been busy with life, work and such. Also the kinda spammy comercialism thats slowly infecting LJ narcs me a little.

This post is a test of my connection, which is being a little dodgy today, and a quick evasion of work, although I found a really nice essay to help me out with mine, it seems so much better than mine, makes me feel a little down, but its nice to have such excellent source materiel.

OK, quick recent life flash:
Last week Paul came up and we spent ages watching series, I bought Firefly so we watched that one night, and some Hex the next, also went down to Rileys and played some pool.
Went out on Saturday after work, spent a few hours in Rosebury's, not my favorite place, but the company was good, and I didnt have to buy any drinks all night, which was better :-) After we went down to Casino, which made my night a little more expencive >.< We all staggered out as the place shut at 4am, heh was a good night, tho it would have been nice if the world wasnt so spinny... ;-)
Been playing Baldurs Gate multiplayer, thats been slow, but fun, as you can go at whatever pace you want really, so anytime we want some action we can go do some more story.
I want to have may masters finised by tomorrow night, at least in draft format, that gives me a month to brush and tidy, and hopefully see Ann. Looking hopeful too, 3rd chapter needs a preliminary brush and tidy before I will be happy with it, then just an overall conclusion to write and away it goes. Which is an encouraging thought.

Hope everyones good.
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