A World Away... (syrius) wrote,
A World Away...

Scared of work?

Well yeah, I'm terrified. Not like that tho.

I've just been reading through the work I have done. And if I am honest with myself I can see reading through it it isnt what I could do at my best, and it scares me and annoys me that a) I havent done my best and b) the ammount of work it would take to correct that.

I could correct it, go back, condense and improve there is alot there to work with, structure is where I fall down mainly, some tautology needs removing and a hellovalotta smartening up. I could keep striving untill it is perfect but where do I draw the line? If I draw it here will I fail because of it? I'm scared and out of time.

I'd love to talk to Ann about all this but I get the distinct feeling she really doeant want to know. I dont even know when my work has to be in as that is finaly her decsision. So much uncertainty, thats something else which needs removing from my work.

I'm going to take a break now, been at it 4 hours since my last break, hopefully I will return to it all optomistic and such, as that will help. Been invited out for a drink tonight, I dont have time to go, and if I do, for reading this, perhaps I need some time out, I'll probably be kinda miserable.

So I'm in a bit of a state. I'll weather it stoically, I always do.
Later folks.
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