A World Away... (syrius) wrote,
A World Away...

I'm still here.

So, quick update: I'm on course for that bus! For those of you who dont have year long memories of my posts: thats good. Infection appears gone, Infectious Diseases at the hospital are so confident that they called off my last blood test, so I'm clear!

:fingers crossed: If I've learned anything its that nothing is certain.

Today feels hard tbh. Maybe the ghastly weather. I dunno. I'm sat home on the first day of my weekend, PJs, sofa, DVDs. Which is SO not me.
I kinda feel like the world is slipping by, there's alot I want, a job I enjoy and, maybe, maybe I could be persuaded to spend some of the money I get for said job on a family.

So I'm sat here wondering what to do about it, and you know, I think the answer is sit and watch more Haven. I've wasted alot of weekends on jobs and training, I think today I'll waste on DVDs. Admittedly not as likely to get me a job, my record shows that my lotto ticket is almost as likely to come up, and its drawn tonight ;-)

So I'm just whining. Lamenting my inability to get through an interview, my indecisive nature, my lazy attitude to searching for more work etc.

Yeah, just not good today.
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