A World Away... (syrius) wrote,
A World Away...

So what sucks right now..?

On the bright side I'm alive and comparatively really well. On the down side my aortic valve has a leek, and not the green leafy kind. More tests to follow.

Employment in that hell hole is miserable yet no one else seems to want to even interview me, got another rejection letter today, just another in the junk box but this one kinda hurt, wasn't anything special, just another kick.

Just had a week off, which was totes amazeballs, did Pickering Traction Engine Rally, a day on the beach, Seafest, medieval day at the castle, Pickering castle, days out in Hull and had some friends up for the weekend. Prolly other stuff which I forget.

Best bit is I have another week off in September and we're going to the lake district for a few nights, hope the weather will be clement.

I had...have a plan for this year: get a job that pays actual money, move house to nice new place near nice new job, profit! It seems I am not destined for a job to match my skills, instead I must stare into the blank and empty expressions of gormless colleagues and customers.

Yeah, I said it. I dislike many of my colleagues, not because they are unpleasant, just because I find them as dull as the rest of the job. Its like a little prison of total mental confinement, boredom of body, mind and soul. My precious evening-release home with Elaine is the only thing keeping me going.

She made lasagne tonight, I feel kinda lazy for not cooking as much as I used to, it's just I get in from that place and all I want to do is immerse myself in something else, get my mind off it, and when I cook my mind lingers on the days unpleasantness in the quiet times... A tough one to explain, and it sounds like an excuse even to me. But I know it isn't because whilst I wasn't suffering through that hell-hole on a daily basis I really enjoyed cooking.

Anyhow, I need to go, I'm up in 5 hours. I don't like sleep any more, I don't recall if I said, one particular night in hospital I shall never forget and it haunts me every bed time. That and the fact that time spent sleeping is kinda wasted.

Apparently some humans have evolved the ability to go comfortably with less sleep, with 4 hours being all that is regularly required. I kinda envy them, 7 hours is best for me, tho I rarely manage more than 6, even rarer is managing to sleep 6 consecutive hours. Well, lets to try for 5.

Good night folks :-)
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