A World Away... (syrius) wrote,
A World Away...


I have an interview in an hour, hoping writing will calm my nerves a little.

I don't think I interview well, I have this habit of telling the truth, a burden others don't seem to labour under. So today I will be practicing lies by omission and posture.

The job? Oh just Aldi, its a step sideways but both the hours and the pay are better, but most importantly they are a growing company, not a dying one. Which leads me to believe there will be much opportunity for advancement.

So as my favourite manager was telling me today: I am bubbly, compitent and have loads of experience. I don't think I'll use "bubbly"...

We know someone who works there and in her interview they asked her to describe herself in three words.

Hmm, I'll have a think. And go get ready.
Till later.
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