A World Away... (syrius) wrote,
A World Away...


Got a TOE on Wednesday.
They give me nice class A drugs and then pop a pipe down my throat.

Trans Oesophageal Echo - an ultrasound from the inside.

The risks include, if my memory serves: internal bleeding, death (generally everything a hospital does includes this, just to cover their butt), and most likely of the unlikely occurrences: loss of the ability to speak.

:pause for cheers to die down:

Yeah, so worried a little. I just hope the news is good, I really don't want this to be a precursor to more surgery...
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Urgh. I had a gastroscopy earlier on this year - having a pipe stuffed down your throat is not something to enjoy. Hope they give you the good stuff to make sure you don't have to feel anything. I went for the 'no drugs please, I'm insane' version and just had my throat numbed ... it was traumatic, to say the least ...
I hope you get good news, too. Fingers crossed.
Midazolam is given as standard over here, you can request without, but the doctors look at you strangely and ask if you're sure. It just makes you drowsy, and hence sleep.

I have no idea what the news is as one of its side effects is short-term memory loss. My dad who was with me (compulsory accompaniment) says they made positive noises but didn't say how I'd get the results... Hmm...

Anyhow for now I am assuming nothing serious as they don't let you go home with serious leaks from the aortic valve of your heart....